First Glance

Sitting there, I felt a presence

Someone was looking a me, I didn’t have to see it in order to know, I could just sense it

I looked up, not even straight ahead, but diagonal, straight into your not so sly glance

We lock eyes, not wearying our gaze

My heart drops a little, I’m starting to feel butterflies

Why am I feeling butterflies? I don’t even know this stranger

Who is this person?

As our eyes were locked in their embrace I noticed minute details

Your eyes, oh how I instantly fell in love with them

Filled with so much warmth, passion and curiosity

I admired the confidence that exuded from our exchange

You gave a sheepish grin, and in return I gave one back

But at that time I was broken, so I silently prayed you couldn’t see it in my eyes

For as much as I wish I could have gazed into those eyes forever, I could not let you see my tattered soul;

So away I looked, breaking our moment of connection

The presence gone, as you look away as well

I glance back, taking in your essence

Your style, your hair, hell even your facial structure

Sensing the presence you look back, but having felt this was about to happen I’m staring back ahead

A small curl is pulling both of our lips into a grin

It was in those split seconds that I knew, I needed to get to know you